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Upholstery & Outdoor cushions


Restoration projects happened to be our favourite kind! Seeing deteriorated covering being refurbished gives us joy! Not only is it a sustainable way of reusing rather than replacing, but it also leave you with a piece that has much more sentiment to it. Whether it is Nans old wooden chair that needs some cushions replaces, or an piece you found on the side of the road. We are happy to recover the foam and cushions to what you are looking for.


If you are after new fabric and covers for your indoor or outdoor seating look no further, we prefer to use only the best textiles providers such as Warwick fabrics, as this ensures a long lasting finish and a more value for money service. Our outdoor ranges are uv, water and mould resistant fabrics perfect for any outdoor area. On the opposite end we have a number of indoor upholstery fabrics from gorgeous velvets to crisp clean linens. However we understand that sometime your eye can catch a beautiful print or colour, if this is the case for you, we are happy to use fabric as provided. If you need help with the amount of fabric needed, we are happy to let you know via email or over the phone.

Custom Seating

When it comes to custom seating, we got you covered!! You name it we have probably done it and if we haven’t we can surely give it a go. We do almost any dimension, cylinders, rectangles, squares, triangles etc.. If you are after some custom made cushions we can do any size and colour. We also have a special talent for hand detail, if you would like something embroidered or even crochet into a cushion design, we have one talented lady who can bring these types of ideas to life!


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Outdoor Cushions Perth
Custom Seating
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In home measure up and fabric selection consults for re-upholstery and custom cushion covers of all kinds! 

We aim to provide a friendly and professional custom upholstery service, at your convenience. We are a central Perth upholstery business that comes to you, Our goal is to help capture your visions and bring them to life, with expert advice and guidance we offer a range of option to complete your space without you even having to leave your house, or if you already know exactly what you need, we can organise orders via email, over the phone, or arrange a workshop visit. Please get in contact today!

We are always trying to improve our service to keep our skills as high as possible to please our customers. We welcome all types of questions and queries about your individual needs, and offer a free estimate as well as follow up consultation if you are happy with your quote.


I’m Ayeisha 

I am the face and upholsterer behind Sew Covered! I have been sewing for over 15 years and have been working as a Perth upholsterer for the last seven years. Sew Covered has been my baby for six years now and i’ve enjoyed every minute of it! My background is in fashion and textile design with an eco conscious twist, this transferrable knowledge incorporated with interior styling is what I bring forward to help make your visions and projects tangible!

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Indoor cushions, vinyl work, window seats & more!

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A little more about us

How we work!

Here at Sew Covered we strive to provide our clients with a top quality custom covering service from start to finish. This mean in home measure up appointments, organised deliveries and expert advice

Fabric Selection

Working alongside Warwick, 3beaches and Verve DC textiles and many more means you won’t be disappointed in fabric textures and colour selection. We provide indoor and outdoor upholstery fabric that is tested to world standards for performance, durability and safety. However, if you have found another beautiful fabric, perfect for the job, we are happy to use as provided. If you need help with how much is needed, let us know and we will do the maths.

What we can do!

We do everything from complete outdoor cushion replacements to the restoration of vintage upholstered furniture, with our skills covering but not limited to outdoor daybeds, indoor bench seats, window seats, custom size foam covering, reupholstery of chairs, caravan cushions, custom dog beds, bolsters and much more. If you can’t see what your after on this list please call us and we will see what can be done!

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How thick should seat cushions be?

How thick should seat cushions be?

This question depends on the cushion used and what aesthetic application you want to create. At Sew Covered, we can help customise your seating to suit the feel and look you are after. We have all the foam suppliers Perth has to offer. Generally speaking, a 75mm...

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5 Basic Tips For Choosing Upholstery Fabric Perth

5 Basic Tips For Choosing Upholstery Fabric Perth

Choosing a suitable fabric for your living or bedroom space is essential. It can drastically impact the overall comfort and feel of your home. With Sew Covered Upholstery Perth, you will receive expert advice; we are here to help make your redecorating decisions easy,...

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How much should it cost to reupholster a chair?

How much should it cost to reupholster a chair?

The cost to upholstery in Perth for a chair can be anywhere between  $300 - $2000 plus. The huge price variation really depends on the style of chair, amount of repair needed and the type of upholstery fabric you are looking at. Perth upholstery fabrics range from...

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What types of upholstery services do you offer?

We offer many services; however, if you do not see something on this list, please send an enquiry with a photo and approximate dimensions of the overall length, width and depth of the cover/ furniture.

  • Window seats
  • Outdoor furniture cushions
  • Bench seats, Car upholstery Perth
  • Removable cushion covers
  • Custom cushion covers
  • Boat cushion & boat upholstery, excluding driver seats.
  • Replacement pre-existing slipcovers for sofas
  • New slip covers for sofas that are square shaped
  • Various furniture upholstery (armchairs, sofas, ottomans, built-in seats etc.)
  • Dining chair seats with ties
How much does it cost to reupholster a piece of furniture?

Please enquire within as this varies on each item, fabric meterage, price of fabric, size of foam etc.

Can you replace the foam in my cushions?

We can definitely replace the foam in your outdoor cushions perth, and we can even look to refurbish old foam; our boating foam often can be rather pricey. This foam lasts a very long time and is super durable and water resistant; however, sometimes, some edges start to get a bit frazzled, so we can look to remove these areas and attach new pieces of foam. We can do this with all sorts of foam and recommend whether it’s worth replacing or refurbishing. We offer a variety of foams to select from and can recommend foams for each type of project.

How do I choose the right fabric for my project?

I will guide you with this and offer only the right products for the individual project. If you provide a fabric or are thinking about a particular Upholstery Fabric Perth, I can help guide you here too.

Do you offer custom cushions?

Everything here at Sew Covered is custom to each project. Even our ready-made cushions are custom-made to include the colour piping, size and pattern you would like.

How do I properly care for my newly upholstered furniture?

This varies fabric by fabric, and I will send care instructions for each item, so you know how to look after the particular item.

What is the typical turnaround time for a project?

Depending on whether all items are available or not on backorder, Lead time is usually at least 6 weeks for custom upholstery. Ready-made throw cushions can take up to 3 weeks from the order date, depending on fabric availability.

Do you offer pick-up and delivery services?

Certainly, once a quote has been sent out, a calendar will come alongside this where you can drop your part off with me, or I can come out with foams and fabrics to discuss your options and remove your furniture/ cushions. Pick-up and delivery will incur a $50 fee for travel & time.


Can you provide a quote for my project before starting work?

I will never begin any work without offering a quote first; once we have met in person and ensured everything is completely aligned and you are happy with your fabric selection, we have discussed finishing styles and take a 50% deposit. Only then will work commence.

Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on your work?

We certainly do; all fabrics vary from a 2-year to a 10-year warranty. This is as per care instructions, which I can let you know during fabric selection. In addition, the warranty covers the deterioration of fabric or colour fading before the specified warranty period.

I also offer a lifetime guarantee on my workmanship; I am happy to repair any seams or zips if they break. Sometimes these things can happen. Then, of course, I will have to assess the area. If a dog or cat has chewed or scratched, this is out of my control and, unfortunately, with incur a fee to repair.

Tears due to deterioration are fabric related and are not covered unless the fabric has deteriorated before the specified warranty.

Please know that if the fabric breaks down before the specified warranty time, only fabric replacement is covered, and labour for new covers will incur a fee.

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