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Choosing a suitable fabric for your living or bedroom space is essential. It can drastically impact the overall comfort and feel of your home. With Sew Covered Upholstery Perth, you will receive expert advice; we are here to help make your redecorating decisions easy, quick, and simple — whatever you need!

Important factors to consider when choosing upholstered furniture: 

  1. The first thing to consider when selecting a fabric is what is the fabric made of? It impacts how it will wear over time, what you can apply it to and how it will feel. From linen to cotton, acrylic or a blend of all.
  2. The fabric weight directly refers to how heavy or light it is. It includes the thickness and weight of the fibres used to make a fabric and the weave used in forming the finished piece. The heavier materials are better applied to high-use furniture as the lighter fabrics work better for soft furnishings such as throw cushions and curtains. The weight of the fabric does not affect the feel – you can have a lightweight velvet or a heavy pile velvet, and they both feel the same; however, depending on the application, one will work better than the other. 
  3. Fabric’s quality and product life is critical when considering upholstered furniture fabrics. Quality is measured by rub cycle; some have lower rub ratings than others which means they break down based on the number of times the material is agitated and how it performs after several washes. The higher the rub rating, the more longevity you will get from the fabric. 
  4. Fabric dyes are affected by heat and sunlight; we will always offer a variety of fabrics suitable for this purpose, with UV, water and mould resistance. Alternatively, for indoor materials, we provide on-guard protection. Rather than products just applied to the surface aftermarket, the fabric is thoroughly soaked in this protection solution, making it liquid retardant. It means the fibre of the material won’t absorb any spillages, and you can clean up before the material is damaged. It will last on the furniture for 4-5 deep cleans 
  5. Fabric texture, print, or plain is a way of narrowing down the selection. A place I always like to start by asking whether you want velvet, linen, tweed, etc. Once we have a texture down, the next question is, do we want it printed with a pattern, or are we after plain? Once we have this idea, we can look at what is available in this selection in the right colour for the space. 


We offer it all! With a wide selection of upholstery fabrics, including Velvet upholstery Perth, Vinyl upholstery Perth, Cotton upholstery Perth, linen upholstery Perth, Wool upholstery Perth and so many more, you will never be short on choices.

Sew Covered Upholstery Perth takes pride in working with the best fabrics regarding design, exclusivity, value for money and quality. We are confident to bring you the perfect upholstery fabric Perth, and Beyond has to offer for all your project’s needs. 

We have a large inventory of upholstery fabrics for all residential or commercial projects and understand the importance of application from health and safety to pure aesthetics.  Please get in contact if you would like to discuss the fabrics we supply. If you are still determining what fabric suits your house best, just remember we make an in-house appointment to curate a selection and bring it to your space. Every project is important to us, from Custom Caravan Cushions to essential throw cushions; we are happy to go the extra distance no matter the scope of work. Please contact us to discuss your project further. 

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