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Custom Cushions

Custom cushions Perth are among our many services. Our work in creating custom cushions, pads, and upholstery has gotten so vast we had to break it down into smaller chunks.

Here is a quick look at the process involved.

First, you choose what type of custom cushions Perth you need. Sew Covered offers a variety of possible products for you.

Do you need custom back pads for the chairs at the dinner table? Are you looking for some cabin cushions for your marine entertainment needs? Do you need to reupholster and custom bench pads are what you need? Does your unit require custom large cushion and cover combos?

Simply choose from our online list of custom products to find what you need. We guarantee that all of them use only the best materials, and are in the hands of professionals.

You can choose the fabric and foam. Depending on the type, you can even select the type of vinyl and PVCs that you want to be used when we make it. Special selections are available for marine upholstery and outdoor cushions Perth.

We will need the measurements. While we do have a selection of pre-set measurements, we know that no two couches are the same. Our system lets you input your measurements so that we can adjust the customised cushions Perth to your specifications.

Sew Covered also offers you the choice to select the supplier for certain requirements. Our company has been in business for years, and we have worked with some of the best suppliers for foams and other materials. If there is a supplier or product you’d prefer, don’t be afraid to highlight that option.

If you’re not sure which supplier is best, call us. Our people will be happy to provide answers.

You also have the choice of buying new foam or replacements, requesting a restoration or having something entirely new cut and sized. Flexibility and giving you options is part of our service.

Sew Covered provides high-quality cushions and related products for any scenario. Apart from use in the home, we can also create custom cabin cushions, window seat cushions, day bed seat cushions, and much more.

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