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Custom Pet Beds

Do you let your pet cat or dog just sleep on the floor?

Most pet owners do, but if you want to have your pet sleep in luxury, you get them a pet bed. At Sew Covered, we make custom pet beds that fit the needs of your pets.

We start with asking for measurements. These include details like weight, the length from nose to tail, and the legs. We also check pet behaviour – some pets prefer to curl up, while others like having a little room to stretch.

Why do we need this information? When making a custom pet bed, we believe the first step is to design it according to what the pet wants and enjoys. Every pet bed we design factors in the details, so the dog or cat has the maximum comfort possible.

The next step is picking out custom features. Pets with arthritis will need thick padding or memory foam. Some pets might appreciate something that has central heating. A hooded added to the bed might be advisable if your cat likes to crawl under beds or other furniture.

Once you have those important details down, you can decide the rest.

Where does the bed go? Depending on how comfortable you are with sleeping near your pet or how big the bed is, size can become a factor in placement.

What colours would you like? Many pet owners like to have the colours match the home, while others want the bed to match the pet. It’s all up to your choices.

There is a great deal of customization. We offer a range of fabrics and colours to choose from, along with a few sample designs that you can use as a base. Or you can stretch your creative muscles and come up with one yourself.

When you’ve settled on all the details, leave it to us to implement them.

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