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Custom Boat Cushion

Boat owners that need to replace their marine upholstery should give us a call.

Boating enthusiasts and owners alike often want to make sure their marine upholstery can take the pressure. Dampness, mildew, sunlight and all other factors that can break down outdoor cushions also do their damage on cabin upholstery. Sooner or later, boats need new boat cushion covers.

However, like with dealing with outdoor upholstery, boat cushion covers require the use of specific fabrics and materials. These must be resistant to damage and environmental wear and tear.

There is also the additional, increased chance of water damage. Boats can encounter rocky waters, and some of that can splash onto furniture and cabins. With the wrong fabrics or foams, that could ruin the upholstery.

Sew Covered can reupholster your boat. From the selection of foam densities to a variety of waterproof fabrics and covers, we can create custom upholstery for your cabin.

By the time we are finished, your cabin cushions will feel great and look brand new.

Fabric choice for the covers is important. Selecting the wrong fabric could result in earlier signs of wear. There are many waterproof fabrics. Sew Covered recommends asking directly about whether or not a fabric of your choice is good for marine upholstery.

Vinyl is one of our most popular choices for fabric. Vinyl is difficult to stain and retains colours despite external conditions.

Acrylic is expensive, but these fabrics retain colours up to four times longer than other options. If you prefer not to spend so much on cushion covers, acrylic may be a good investment.

Whatever fabric you choose, Sew Covered will cut and customise it according to your measurements. Some boats have seating areas that are longer or wider than others. Provide us with the numbers and your needs, and let us dazzle you.

Sew Covered can easily match your styles and tastes. We offer you the best materials in colours and textures, and our finish is impeccable. Our professional Upholstery Perth will help you decrease the amount of fabric waste by offering more options for reuse. We also take the necessary precautions to ensure your fabrics do not get damaged or stained during cleaning.

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