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The cost to upholstery in Perth for a chair can be anywhere between  $300 – $2000 plus. The huge price variation really depends on the style of chair, amount of repair needed and the type of upholstery fabric you are looking at. Perth upholstery fabrics range from $33per/m all the way to $300+ per/m. With a usual single seat arm chair requiring around 3m of fabric at a width of 1.4m you can see that almost half the cost of the chair upholstery can be potentially made up with fabric cost. The next part would be foam supplies, Perth foam supplies are rising in price due to chemical shortages. This means Perth foam has increase quite a bit in price, replacement or repair of foam can be upwards of $200 depending on the foam density and quality. At Sew covered upholstery Perth we have access to all of these upholstery supplies at your convenience. We can managed a full custom upholstery project with options for many price points.

The next thing is labour, its rarely considered the amount of time and care that is put into a custom reupholstery. We first unpick all of the old fabric off – sometimes this can take up to 8 hours if the chair has been reupholstered many time and hasn’t been prepped thoroughly before hand. This means extra time pick out each and every staple – sometimes thousands. Once the chair has been thoughtfully prepared the foam can be assessed, whether we need knew foam supplier or any other upholstery supplier such as springs, strapping, foam covering and more. Once the foam has been accessed and determined is we need to replace. We can get on with the custom reupholstery. This can take a couple of days depending on fabric – how much car needs to be taken with lining patterns up, whether we need piping, sometime it all completely stapled, sometimes we need to add in special details like silk lacing on antique pieces for finishing or sometimes need to create patterns to sew together around curves and interesting shapes like wing back chairs for example.

This can take hours of beautiful loving craftsman ship that often goes undervalued. There is many reasons why reupholstery is a fantastic option. If you love a piece it means you can refresh it and have it keep living on, like fast fashion we have a terrible wasteful industry in fast furniture with many options of course available I can almost guarantee you that you will have more in custom reupholstery with thousands of fabric upholstery supplies available the limits are endless. As well as many different foam supplies and comforts to customise. You can have the most beautifully suitable piece of upholstered furniture for you home, while doing something good for the environment.

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