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How to Cover a Seat

Do you have a seat that’s in need of rescue? Getting new seat covers Perth is a quick way to turn an old cushion n into something new again. At Sew Covered, we have people you can call on to handle this task.

Here is a look at our basic process.

First, we ready the supplies and tools while removing the cushion itself. At this stage, we set aside time for you to pick out a new fabric, if you prefer to change. However, if you’d rather not, we will do our best to replicate the fabric already on your seat covers Perth.

If you do choose to have new fabric, we advise using one that fits with the room and the decor.

The next step involves us using the seat frame as a reference while we cut the lining. The lining is then stapled onto the frame. We start from the centre and work our way outward, to the sides and corners. Double-checking is done to ensure that it is secured into place.

Excess fabric gets trimmed along the outer edge.

After that, we set to cut the actual fabric for the seat covers Perth. If the fabric has a pattern, we take the time to make sure it is positioned properly along the frame. Once that’s been cut, the next step is stapling it to the frame.

Once the fabric and cushion are ready, we reunite it with the frame.

The process is simple and normally doesn’t take very long for most chairs. However, we can extend the estimate if you have a larger cushion or chair, or if you have other requests.

Rescuing an old chair is often much more economical than buying a new one. As a bonus, you also retain any sentimental value associated with the furniture. Sew Covered has you ‘sew’ covered.

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