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The furniture is as much a part of your home as the walls, the floors, and the windows. They speak about what you like, what makes you comfortable, and what feel you want to have in your private space. It is therefore important that they are kept looking just how you like them.

You want the right covers. You want them perfect colours to match your décor. You want the right level of comfort, a balance between plushness and firmness.

And when it gets damaged, you want to get it repaired. Furniture restoration Perth is a fairly big business and it can be one option in the face of damaged furniture and upholstery. However, it is not always the only option. Click here for the best related services.

Let us break down the two basic types of professional attention that might be considered. Each of these has its own areas of expertise, and knowing the difference is crucial. It lets you make the right call on which one you want, given the condition of your furniture.

A restoration covers light cleaning and cosmetic repairs. This is not the restoration that involves putting it back to the way it looked originally.

The goal of a restoration is maintenance. It lets antiques keep their value or vintage pieces retaining structural integrity. The outer appearance is, however, the primary concern. A good restoration will often cover the upholstery as well.

Sometimes, what you want is actually a refinishing.

A refinishing is a process that involves stripping the furniture of its current finish. If your material is wood, a chemical is probably the best choice. After the stripping, it gets sanded and stained. Finally, a new coat of finish is applied.

You might lose some value with a refinishing. This will often happen if you get it done poorly, by someone who is not an expert. Or if the refinish is too different in appearance from the original. If this is alright with you, that’s fine.

Refinishing is often more in-depth than restoration. However, the two terms tend to be interchangeable. Others might see refinishing as part of a restoration process. You’ll need to be clear on what you mean and what you want when speaking to the experts.

There is also the other meaning of the term restoration, which is to bring something back to as close to its original condition as possible. This is often what people picture when they hear the word, though it’s not how most professionals use it.

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