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Hire a Seamstress

Do you need a seamstress?

A seamstress is someone who makes a living in the sewing trade. While many of them are engaged in making clothing, Sew Covered also has seamstresses that focus on detailed embroidery used in custom cushions and upholstery. If you have seamstress jobs in mind, call us.

The typical Perth seamstress from Sew Covered is as much an artisan as a worker. They can repeat patterns given to them or exercise a little creativity in making a new design. Whether you want to have something restored, reupholstered, or want something new, we have the right lady for the job.

If you’re interested in one of our talented Perth seamstress team but aren’t sure you need one, take a look here. We outline the typical seamstress jobs, so you can check if your needs match.

Sewing services are their primary work, with a focus on clothing.

The process involves taking measurements but also making an assessment of client posture and body type. These factors come into play when making clothing, but can also become useful skills for certain types of upholstering work.

Another typical seamstress job is an alteration. Garments that are in the right size don’t always have all the details right. Sometimes, the leg of the pants is too long. In other instances, the shoulder is a little lower than it should be in an otherwise perfect shirt.

A seamstress from Sew Covered can be called on to make alterations, fixing these minor errors. These are usually quick jobs, averaging only an hour to two hours. However, things take longer if you’re asking for a major alteration.

A seamstress Perth also does garment repairs, patching up holes or tears.

Of course, in the case of Sew Covered, there are certain limitations. For customers outside of the Perth area, our seamstress jobs and services are limited.

If you’re from out of town and you need a seamstress Perth, you will need to take your measurements for our reference.

However, in the interest of convenience, we keep all lines of communication open. We want to make sure that you can reach us for updates on your order or request whenever it is convenient for you.

Every seamstress on staff here is a professional. They know how to do their work by hand, but are also adept at using modern equipment. Any interaction you have with them will be pleasant and professional. They know all the questions to ask, so everything turns out perfectly.

If you have any requests that pose artistic or creative challenges, we welcome them! Custom upholstery, unique garment designs, and other sewing tasks are well within the skills of our team. As long as you don’t ask for the impossible, we are ready to dazzle you.

Also, Sew Covered provides them with all of the tools and supplies they need. Whether with the latest sewing machines or lots of needles and threads, we make sure they can do their jobs without any hassle. After all, convenience for them translates into better service for you, the client.

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