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Pillows have character. It’s how it feels when you rest your head on it. It’s how comfortable it is and how relaxed you feel as you lie on it. However, that character isn’t constant between pillows. As anyone that’s dealt with cushions Perth knows, the filling determines so much when it comes to pillows.

Now, it’s important to note that no one filling will work for every situation. With that in mind, what are your options and which ones might work for your cushions Perth?

Down pillow filling is where we start. One choice here is Hungarian goose down, which might be known as European white goose down in some areas.

Down pillow is malleable, holding it’s shape really well. It’s also good if you’re looking for support for your head and neck without sacrificing durability. They’re also very light and soft because they wouldn’t be very good for geese flying around if they weren’t!

However, down pillow filling tends to absorb heat, so they’re not good in the summer months. Refluffing is required to keep them from going flat. Some also find them too soft.

Feather filling is a cheaper option than down. However, it’s not something we recommend. It tends to have a lingering smell and is difficult to clean, making it hardly ideal for many people. It also has the same heat-absorbing tendencies of down, but without the support.

Polyester is also a good choice. It’s cost-effective, easy to clean, and light. However, the main flaw is that it doesn’t breathe so it can feel very warm. The fibres also tend to clump together and feel flat.

However, if you’re looking specifically for a cheap option, it’s definitely a consideration. There are few materials for pillows and cushions that are as low-cost. The easy maintenance, in terms of cleaning, can be a huge selling point too.

Shredded memory foam is another option available. It has a strong chemical odour that can turn off some people. That aside, it’s an incredible filling and is popular for a number of reasons.

The material is called memory foam because of its ability to retain its shape, which is the main selling point. It also feels comfortable and plush no matter what. Shredded foam also has the benefit of being easy to shape and doesn’t clump together, so it retains fluffiness.

A catch here, though, is that it can be a touch expensive. Still, for an option that will probably outlast all the others, it could be a good investment.

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