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People who own touring caravans sometimes think of redoing the interior. It’s not a typical thing because it can be a bit more frustrating than changing upholstery. Caravan cushions can be worn down just like anything else, though, and sometimes an update is unavoidable.

Springs can lose their bounce. Caravan cushions might have stains that won’t go away. Older ones might have used fibres or dyes that have faded with time. Maybe you just want to redo the entire interior, and the old upholstery just doesn’t work anymore.

After all, a caravan is meant for long-term travel. If you’re not comfortable, then that makes the whole trip feel like a bad idea, and you can’t enjoy what you see and visit.

One option is just to update things.

An update will replace the cushions and springs, perhaps even the filling. It’ll add bounce and comfort back to the upholstery. You can take this chance to replace the covers, especially if the colours have faded or there are persistent stains.

A lighter option along these lines is removing the upholstery covers. Removable and washable seat covers are becoming more common, due to their practicality. A good cleaning can rejuvenate a tired interior and is typically low cost.

In both cases, it’s best to throw out old fabrics. You’ll want something synthetic, where the dye is worked into the fibres. This means they don’t fade, even exposed to the sun.

Another option is the much more radical replacement plan. You can choose to have instead permanent upholstery, the kind you can’t remove.

Be aware that permanent upholstery is an extensive amount of work.

For starters, you’re looking at choosing foam replacements. There are many options out there that are designed for the long-term, with significant resistance to deformity. Many of these use the same materials used for high-end mattresses.

There are various grades available. There are also other properties. For instance, some of them can be treated, so they’re fire-retardant.

Another choice is to use mattresses, rather than more conventional cushions. These aren’t for everyone, but they’re thicker and last far longer. They’re also usually more comfortable. They can be a bit bulkier, though, and may become a challenge if you have insufficient space.

If you have a caravan and it sees a lot of use, updating the caravan cushions is a good idea. It can give you a new appearance and feel, rejuvenating your desire to use it.

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