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Sometimes, we want the comfort and sense of classic style that comes with vintage or classic upholstery Perth. However, we also want it to feel a little less “antique.” We might, for instance, like the more minimalist, functional-chic of modern styles.

Is that possible? Why, yes. Yes, it is!

It’s not unusual, really.

Neutrals, stria textures, nuanced colour schemes, and linen weaves are starting to emerge. Modern fabrics over traditional upholstery are one option while getting modern frames for hold cushions is another. In either direction, it’s possible to get a consistent feel for the decorating elements.

Here’s some advice on how to get that done. And a look at what options you might have for doing that, to give you a better idea if you’re planning to do this.

One of the keys is to keep the look minimalist. You need to have a clean and restrained look, giving things a common theme.

Traditional styles often use exposed wood frames. That means lots of edges where the fabric and the wood meet. Keeping that clean, seamless look isn’t exactly easy.

You’ll want to avoid a corded or welted edge because it adds bulk. It tends to widen the transition and doesn’t look quite right. There’s a thing that traces the wood line and grabs the eye. Scrolled gimp is usually better, with the ribbon-band around the edge.

However, which of the two will work might vary. Sometimes, you run into situations where the reverse of the above guidelines is the case.

Another choice is to use flat tape from upholstery fabric. This reduces the transition to a minimum and keeps the exact colours you need.

Moving traditional upholstery into modern furniture frames is a lot simpler. The process just needs a bit of care, because the cushions might be attached more strongly to the frame. This isn’t typical, but it’s not impossible. It’s not a huge problem, but it can slow things down a little.

How do you line up the patterns and designs of traditional cushions with the minimalist, smooth look of a modern frame?

Well, that’s a matter of taste. Some people might prefer to change the upholstery covers to something closer to contemporary. Others try to match the colours of the frame as a compliment.

The final point here is that mixing the two is possible. There’s nothing wrong with trying to combine the two to create a look and feel that works for you and is comfortable.

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