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Pet owners around the world know the feeling of wanting to take care of all of their little friend’s needs. From food and water to comfortable places to sleep. Many even spend money so that their upholstery Perth needs double as a sleeping spot for their furry friend.

A custom dog bed can be a great way to make sure they’re comfortable. However, you don’t want to leave it as just bare upholstery Perth. You want something to cover that bed. If you decide to take the step to get a custom made dog bed, here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Let’s talk materials first.

The typical dog bed will consist of something medium weight, like cotton drill, however if your dog is a chewer a custom dog bed will provide you with option to get something much more durable and suitable for you, for example a heavy weight canvas. You can opt to have a handle placed in the side for especially large dog beds.

When choosing the fabric, be sure to ask if it’s safe for animals. Dogs can be sensitive creatures, and there are some materials they’re not comfortable lying on.

Measure how large the bed should be. Think about how long your dogs legs and and how long they are from head to tail. The bed will need to be a little bit larger than this if they like to stretch out.

I’m terms of a handle you have the option to have multiple and where you would like to place it.

After the fabric and handles are chosen, we need to think about the filling, beanbag beans, crumbled foam, solid foam are just a few of the options with many avaliable through sew covered upholstery Perth.

Depending on the stuffing you may need an inner liner to hold the stuffing for easy cleaning and no annoying accidents. Rather than a standard store bought dog bed we always provide a zip with our dog beds perth for easy maintenance and upholstery repairs perth.

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