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There’s been a trend of “livable luxury” in recent times, and it’s becoming a strong concept in design circles. It’s all about creating spaces at home that are high-performance and high-concept, but also still easily usable for daily living needs. This is true even for upholstery and furniture.

Fabrics are one of the defining elements of luxury lifestyle furniture Perth.

It’s all tied to a delicate combination of comfort and durability, style and presentation. It’s also taking into account things like cleanliness and maintenance.

“Livable luxury” means that formality is fading, and upholstery should be designed with everyday things in mind. No more cordoned-off formal rooms. Casual concerns like not having to worry about how easily the upholstery will stain from a juice box are coming into vogue.

This means fabrics like leather and high-performance materials like acrylics are more common. Soft fabrics like cotton prints and linen are also coming up more often.

Cushioning is also changing. For lifestyle luxury, “deeper and cushier” is the way to go. Comfort and ease of use have become more important. Alongside this, a resurgence in sectional designs is cropping up, keeping mind how people tend to use their furniture. The upholstery reflects this change.

However, that’s mostly the “lifestyle” element. What about the luxury?

Well, that comes in with the details. Luxury in the furniture business is defined by two things. The first is design and the second is the details. Detailed craftsmanship and ornate work aren’t necessary, but they do tend to be the basis of most luxury.

Another element of luxury furniture is a focus on maximum comfort. The idea is that the user has no reason to complain or be uncomfortable when they sit down. It might include the option to recline the backrest or simply upholstery that offers subtle features outside the norm, like spinal support.

Finally, there’s the element of using only the best. Luxury is defined by excess and the use of only the finest materials.

No matter the choice of fabric, it has to be the highest-quality available. This means that the materials are the most durable and will last a long time, which is one of the subtle traits of luxury goods. The same goes for the materials used for the frame, whether it’s wood or metal. Wood is preferred, though.

Livable luxury is a style that’s picking up, and for good reason.

The combination of luxury features and livability make it great for most homes. Comfortable designs with a focus on the practical elements, the everyday.

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