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If you’ve got a lovely bench seat, that’s a great way to add a nice touch to your home. They’re great for outdoor spaces, like a patio. They’re even better if you can accentuate or personalize it using bench seat cushions. However, just how do you do that?

Well, if they come with upholstery included, that makes things easier. You can just clean them or change the covers. However, what if you’re in the mood for something more?

If you want to give those cushions a makeover, here’s a few ideas that could help you along.

First, consider the “no sew” option. They’re cute and have a seamless look that lots of homeowners love. Depending on the size of the cushions you plan to use, this could be easier than you think.

If you don’t have a full-blown cushion, a slipcover can do the job just as well. The best part is that these can also look seamless.

Sometimes, one thing you can do is to add studs. Studs can be a great way to add accent to cushions and fabrics, even benches. Just use a small one, add a few studs and charms, and you can have something that is unique and snazzy.

Finally, why not look to pairing up cushions? You can use them either as contrasting colours or as matching designs. These are very personalized most of the time, and they’re great for couples. Though some of you might not be too keen on using them for company.

For designs, you have a lot of options. One we absolutely recommend is the chevron. These are easy, brightly-coloured, and sunny. They’re great for bench cushions, especially if you get materials that can resist fading colours.

Simple and grey to add a little accent to the brighter colours is also a great visual look. It’s also relatively easy to make and can fit in with almost any décor.

You also have the option of using yarn as the material of choice. This can take a bit more work, but with good-quality stitching, you’ll find them comfortable and durable. You can also use them as just accents on an existing cushion cover, as a touch of embellishment.

Bench cushions can be a great touch. They’re good for improving comfort or for adding a new look to worn old benches. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little. The fact that they’re not couches makes it so flexible in terms of choices. Click here for more.

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