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When it comes to cushion covers, the right choice of fabric can make or break the project. Cushion fabrics come in many types. Selecting them correctly and carefully is important because each has its own properties and situations where it works best.

If you’re thinking of getting new cushions in Perth, take a moment to read below. You may find new ideas on what fabric would work best for your cushion covers.

First, let’s look at the classics: cotton and linen.

They’re the most common choices, and they are “breathable”. This makes them excellent choices for throw cushions. Linen tends to be cooler to the touch but lacks the elasticity of cotton. They’re both good for outdoor areas that have protection from the elements.

Go with cotton for a sofa cushion. If you’re looking to keep cool, linen is the better choice. If you want the fabric to be easily removable to wash or change, either one will make this simple and easy.

Another option you can think about is silk.

Silk evokes class and status, and it’s certainly the luxury choice for cushion covers. They’re perfect for living rooms or bedrooms. If you add another fabric to add texture, it can enhance and highlight things. The fabric tends to be warm in winter, cool in summer.

However, silk needs to be dry-cleaned, and this can become expensive. It’s also a bad choice if you have small children or pets. It’s far too easy to permanently ruin them with even the smallest stains.

Synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester can also be good choices.

These are man-made and can have a range of properties. You can, for example, find polyester blends that are water-resistant, non-flammable, antimicrobial and most are wrinkle-free. These qualities are useful for outdoor cushion covers in particular.

Here at Sew Covered we predominantly work with this type of fabric through our providers Warwick fabrics. With a very high standard for environmental awareness, Warwick offers a stand out a premium product that is long lasting and hardwearing for most of your upholstery needs with all of the fabrics we have written about today under the same roof.

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