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For those among you who are looking at the need to repair upholstery, fabric choice is going to come into play. Picking a new fabric for upholstery Perth, one that will take the punishment of daily life, isn’t easy. Most of the time, people just don’t have an idea what the options are.

Well, let’s fix that. Let’s take a moment to see just what you should consider when choosing a durable new fabric. Then we’ll go over the four choices that fit the criteria.

For determining durability, we need to look into certain things. Longevity is always important to upholstery Perth. Also vital is the ability to take a lot of wear and tear. Staining and tearing shouldn’t be things that come easily. Finally, fraying or fading isn’t ideal.

So with that in mind, what are the best choices for sheer durability of fabric?

Leather is a bold choice, but also a good one.

Made from treated animal hide, it’s a beautiful and smooth surface. It’s durable and can last decades with the proper care, and it’s easy to clean. Unless you’re deliberately using sharp objects to damage it, it’ll stand up to a lot of punishment. However, it’s expensive and can get sticky in the heat.

In the same vein, you could go with another choice: imitation leather.

Pleather and vinyl are the most likely variants. You’ll find that these are easy to maintain and clean, needing nothing more than a quick wiping most of the time. They look as good and have about the same durability. There is one flaw, though. It tears and scratches more easily than leather.

Microfiber is another choice. Yes, this material is used for more than just cleaning. It feels like suede to the touch, though denser versions can feel more like corduroy.

This choice has a few great features. First, it’s water-repellent. This means it handles spills well and you’re not going to see that as much of a problem. It’s hard for pets to damage as well, making it ideal if you have any in the house.

Finally, you’ve got cotton as a possible choice.

Durability? Yeah, cotton has that. It also offers resistance to things like fading and wear. It’s biggest weakness, though, is that stain resistance is terrible on cotton. It also tends to have trouble standing up to damage, so you might see it tear. On the other hand, it’s very economical.

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