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Different window cushions work with different windows. Mismatched indoor window seat cushions can be a substantial decorating faux pas.

To help figure out what cushions and upholstery work best, let Sew Covered help. First, we’ll break down just what indoor window seat cushions are meant to do. From there, we’ll illustrate an example of how to pick the right ones for a given window style.

The point of these cushions is to remove or minimise pressure. However, they are also useful for cutting down on how hard or angular a chair is, making relaxation easier.

Comfort and relaxation are essential. The typical window that requires cushions are exposed to the sun, and how comfortable that is can vary. However, this solar exposure also means that the fabrics used must be the sort that can take punishment.

Synthetic fibres are your best choice. Polyester and acrylic will be the most typical. These materials are dyed in solution, so the colours are added while the threads are still in a liquid state. This allows the colour to seep into the fibre thoroughly. This means fading won’t be a problem.

Now, the typical window that needs cushions is a small backless sofa, in essence. These tend to be narrow and the height of a standard seat. Putting pillows in such a spot will be for comfort, so people can take a seat or lie down for a nap.

The softness is important. The indoor window seat cushions allow for relaxation and comfort on otherwise hardwood or concrete surface.

Regarding style, you have a few variations.

If the windows are trapezoid in shape, cushions that match are going to be a good idea. A trapezoid pillow can also work, fitting with the overall feel and complementing the design.

Most window seats will have matching pillows sold as a package. This can make it challenging if you have a specific theme for the room and want everything to line up. You may need to find someone who can customise things.

If the front and rear corners are cut differently, that can be a challenge. Steering angle at the front should be matched with a rounded rear edge, or vice-versa.

Overall, window seat cushions aren’t that complicated. As long as you have a right eye for design, you can figure out what works best for your window. Just make sure to keep sun-damage in mind in your fabric selection.

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