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Custom Window Seat Cushions

Custom window seat cushions are a good addition to any room. Sew Covered produces the best window seat cushions in Perth, and provide you with many options for personalization.

We provide three basic varieties.

The standard cushion is best for indoor use, providing great comfort and durability. We also boast having a tougher outdoor variety, which uses specialised fabrics. Finally, for the maximum combination of comfort and resistance, we have optimal models that can be used indoors and outdoors.

For all three, we offer a great deal of customization.

We boast an impressive selection of fabrics and colours. For many, the right fabric is just as important as the right filling for their window seat cushions.

However, for outdoor use, we highly recommend using vinyl or acrylic. Both are sunlight-resistant cialis : generiques and can withstand mildew and moisture – two major concerns for outdoor upholstery.

For indoor use, since a window seat cushion is less likely to need resistance to sunlight, you can go with what you feel works best or would be most comfortable.

The filling is also flexible.

Layered polyester is a popular choice for indoor use, but it also sees use in the outdoors. Polyester’s ability to resist mildew and lack of water retention makes it a solid choice. Sew Covered recommends these for both indoor and outdoor use.

We also recommend memory foam for maximum comfort, no matter the area. The foam core has layers of batting that are enclosed in a water-resistant shell. The design provides incredible comfort and resistance, though it is also more expensive than most alternatives

You can determine the dimensions of the cushion yourself. Everything, from the height and width to the thickness, is up to your preferences and tastes. Most people prefer thinner ones – more pads than cushions – while others like them thick and firm.

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