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Custom Day Bed Seat Cushions

For homes without much space, day beds can be invaluable. By day, they fold as couches and seats. By night, they expand into beds. They can even serve as guest beds in a pinch.

However, this functionality requires better cushions than average. Day bed seat cushions have to take not only someone lying down on them at night but the more focused weight of someone sitting on them during the day. They also have to be equally comfortable, no matter what mode is used.

With Sew Covered, you can get day bed seat cushions that fulfil both roles splendidly.

If you are in need of custom day bed seat cushions, getting them from us is as simple as following a few easy steps.

What fabrics do you want? Some fabrics, like vinyl or acrylic-based ones, can be great for outdoor day bed cushions. For the indoors, other fabrics might be better choices.

You need to pick the look, too. Do you want day bed seat cushions that go with your décor? Is there a particular pattern or colour scheme you’d like to see? Browse our various options; we guarantee you’ll find something that strikes your fancy.

The third step involves selecting fills. What kind of foam do you want for the interior? How dense do you think it should be? Some people like it soft, while others prefer something firmer.

Finally, to make your custom day bed cushions, we need the measurements. While there are a few common sizes for day beds, the variety of design means that no true standards exist. For us to make the best ones, we’ll need the exact measurements of your unit.

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