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Custom Cushion Covers

Upholstery is great. If well-made, cushions are comfortable and can function as decorative pieces in the home. However, most raw cushions and foams aren’t very pleasing to see. That’s why you use a custom cushion cover on it.

The use of a custom cushion cover also counts as a decorative touch. After all, if your room has a motif or colour scheme, wouldn’t it be great if you could make your furniture follow suit?

If you are looking for the best quality in custom large cushion covers and pads, look no further. Sew Covered provides comprehensive customization options for creating the perfect durable, visually-pleasing cushion for your furniture.

We will make sure that every detail is perfect and fits your specifications.

Do you prefer to have printed fabric on both sides? Perhaps you’d like one side plain and in your favourite colour, while the other has prints? Both options are possible in any fabric of your choice. Your custom large cushion cover will be as you envision it.

Don’t hesitate. We have hundreds of fabrics for you. Some of our clients prefer synthetic ones, while others are all about more natural linens and materials. You can choose what works best for your home.

Colours and prints are also readily available. Just pick one or more from our selection.

Every custom cushion cover is hand-made to fit with your request.

All prices for custom covers include the choice of fabric and length. However, the choice of cushion inserts is priced separately.

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