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Seat covers come with every car. They’re part of the package that allows the interiors to be more comfortable, but most people pay little attention to them. They might choose to upgrade to leather covers, but most stick with what came with the car.

With that in mind, is it essential to get custom seat covers when you’re making changes? Or are the one-size-fits-all approaches of universal ones a good choice?

You need to ask yourself if you’re going with custom covers or not. The answers will vary. Sometimes, the answer is that custom seat covers are the right choice. For other situations, you might have no clear answer. There are times when you just stick with the universal ones.

Universal covers are designed to fit on as many interiors as possible. This means that they don’t have an overall great fit, and thus don’t protect your seats as efficiently. They just aren’t able to fit everyone without sacrificing a little to attain that universality.

These days, the universal covers are starting to fit less and less. Car and truck interiors are being redesigned, so there’s more variety in seats. The old attempts to get one size to fit everything doesn’t work anymore. You need custom covers for your car upholstery.

On the other hand, custom seat covers are precisely that.

You can order them individually for your model of car. You have the option to pick out designs and colours, as well as materials. These are a good way to add a personal touch to the interior, as well as make sure everything fits.

With custom covers, you can guarantee the right fit. They might base off the manufacturer’s measurements, or they take the data themselves and base their work on that.

Quality might be an issue here, though.

Some companies that make custom seat covers aren’t very good at them. They use lower-quality materials, to cut corners and offer lower prices. Even compared to cheaper universal covers, these are more prone to wear and tear.

When getting custom covers, be sure to call on reliable and reputable providers. We here at Sew Covered handle these things using only the best materials and tools. This creates a slightly higher price, but we make up for it with better quality and value.

Use only the best available for your car. If you’re replacing the seat covers, use only ones from the manufacturer or those provided by the best.

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