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Back in the late nineties and the early part of the 2000s, there was a trend towards dull colours. For whatever reason, it emerged and took over the furniture and upholstery Perth industry. Thankfully, this is starting to change.

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With that in mind, just what are the colours starting to emerge today? As 2018 begins to roll towards its end and 2019 is being prepared, there are a few clear trends starting to emerge that will linger. The colours presented here are expected to be in style well into the next year.

Teal is making a comeback.

A bit of a neutral colour, teal is a great choice because it can be made to work with almost everything. It also tends to make things around it look better. It’s been mixed with reds, blues, pinks, and more. Teal is one of the few choices that can even work with orange, which is a rare thing.

Another, related colour choice, is navy blue. Right now, it’s probably the most beloved colour for designers that don’t technically count as a timeless classic.

Navy is a safe bet as a strong neutral, but without the overall blandness that comes with beige. It’s been in use to varying degrees for about a decade, but it just hasn’t reached prominence until recently. Right now, navy blue is starting to emerge as a powerhouse and it’s likely to stick for a while.

Though, as all trends inevitably do, it will fade away. That won’t be for a few years yet, though.

Peony is a beautiful blush-like colour and has traditionally been a background choice. It excels as a support colour, but now it’s emerging as its own.

Pink and peony are great choices for “healing” colours. They excel in a home as a means of keeping things calm. The unexpected pop it has is great for adding a touch of daring and experimental wonder. It also has an invigorating flavour to it, adding a touch of life and energy to any room.

Peony is also a great choice for an accent colour. If you’re looking to have some dazzling, bright accent pieces in a room, peony and similar pink shades are some of the better, trendier choices.

Finally, consider poking about with kale. Like peony, it has some great “healing” qualities.

Kale is usually going to show up on sofas, ottomans, and chairs. Some people pair it with green, but it can go together with other colours without much trouble. It also has enough visual strength on its own to take centre stage in a room with other pieces of upholstery.

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