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Leather can be a great material. There are few fabrics used in upholstery that have quite the same impact. However, cleaning leather upholstery Perth can be a hassle. This is especially true for folks who aren’t sure how to do it.

Fortunately, you have us. Here’s a quick guide to cleaning leather upholstery, with a focus on the humble sofa.

Step by Step Leather Cleaning

Your first step is to vacuum clean the sofa.

Use a soft brush attachment for the job. Suck up all the dirt there, take it out of the crevices. This prevents the grime and dust from getting rubbed into the fabric as you perform later steps. You want to keep the slate as clean as you can before you start working.

Remember that dust tends to be abrasive in nature. Keep this in mind, because when combined with moisture, it can damage the leather.

Time to mix the cleaning solution!

You need water and white vinegar in equal parts. An alternative uses a few drops of commercial product in water. Dip that in a soft cloth, preferably something microfiber, and wring it out. You want it to be damp, not wet. Being damp reduces the risk of abrasion against the fabric.

Wipe the entire sofa with the cloth. Be sure to rinse it once in a while in a cleaning solution. In general, you want to work from the top and proceed downward. This lets you wipe away any drips as you go along.

Dry the sofa with a clean, separate towel. Don’t use a blow dryer, because this runs the risk of dehydrating the fabric.

When the time comes to condition the leather, you need another mix. You want one part white vinegar paired with two parts of either linseed or flax seed oil. You use this with a third cloth, going over things in broad and circular movements.

Once you’ve used the conditioning mix on the whole thing, pull away. Let things dry overnight. After that, buff the sofa with a clean rag. This will restore the natural shine of the fabric.

If you don’t want to use the vinegar-based solution above, you have an alternative. Mix a bit of moisturizing soap with water. Bring the mix to a lather and then begin wiping. Though keep in mind this mix can be a bit strong. Test it out on an inconspicuous spot first.

Some also suggest using saddle soap. It’s not a particularly good idea.

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