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One of the easiest ways to breathe a bit of new life into a room is switching out the throw pillows and cushions. It seems too easy, but it’s true! A few new fabrics for cushions Perth can do wonders.

A new fabric. A new colour. These two alone can give a space a whole new feel, give it a new lease on life. If this sounds easy, that’s because it usually is. The challenge, most of the time, lies in the selection and not placement.

That’s right. The hard part is picking out the right cushions Perth. So here’s how you make that choice.

Cushion Choice Guidelines

First, you’ll want to look over the colour palette available to you.

Choose one that fits the room. Do not ever deviate from the plan. This lets you have much more impact than tossing around in all sorts of shades. If you must step away, pick one that complements your choice.

Second, remember the rule of symmetry.

You want the arrangement of the cushions and pillows to be symmetrical. This helps you keep things looking orderly and neat, even if you’re piling fabric on fabric. Don’t let space look busy, because that can make it unappealing to relax on.

When it comes to print, follow this triangle: one simple, one solid, one busy. It’s a basic formula, but it helps narrow things down.

If decorating a sofa, you’re naturally going to be moving inwards.

When you do, the pillows and cushions should be smaller. The larger ones should be at the edges, for a better visual punch. It’s also more comfortable since you don’t need to move the big ones out of the way if they’re at the edge.

Finally, don’t go overboard! It’s all too easy to go crazy when sometimes the best move is to hold back.

Too many pillows on the couch and no one can sit down without being in marshmallow hell. Too many cushions on the bed and you don’t know how you’re going to get any sleep. Don’t create these problems. Pillow responsibly.

Consider Fabric

The fabric is important. Be sure to choose one based on your needs.

Not all fabrics are the same. Some of them are stain-resistant, which can make them easier to clean and maintain. Others are softer and breathe better. If you have pets, you’ll want one that doesn’t stain easily and can take a lot of punishment.

Take a moment and consider what you need before buying fabrics. This will save you headaches and money down the line.


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