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Furniture and upholstery that’s old can be valuable, but also delicate. These have withstood the test of time and are some of the most beautiful things you can have in your home. However, they’re also slightly tricky to maintain and clean.

Here you’ll find the basics on the proper care of antique upholstery Perth.

First, conventional fabric cleaners are not a good choice. These are often too strong and can damage the fabrics and fibres. You’ll want to take special care because one mistake can ruin these priceless old pieces irrevocably.

One thing to remember is that ultraviolet light is terrible for old upholstery Perth. It can damage the wood, the fabrics, and the finishing. Keep them away from direct sunlight if you can, or use shades and curtains if you can’t. Otherwise, the finish can turn yellow from the exposure.

Don’t place them near a source of heat, either. Ovens, radiators, and the like aren’t the best places. The heat can loosen the glue that holds the whole thing together.

Pests are going to be a big problem. A pest infestation is going to ruin the furniture, and you should act right away if you see any indication of things such as woodworms.

When cleaning antique furniture and upholstery, you’re going to need specific tools. First, you’ll want to have a vacuum cleaner handy. Dry extraction foam and a foam sponge are also good. Finally, you’ll need to be very patient, because this is painstaking work.

A careful vacuuming is how you start. About 70% of all the dirt will be removed this way. From there, use the sponge and test on a spot that’s inconspicuous. You do this by gently rubbing the spot. If you see no damage or discolouration, proceed to clean lightly on the rest of the upholstery.

If you are using a dry foam extractor, read the instructions carefully. This is important, as any misuse could cause damage. This is especially true of older upholstery, which might be more fragile due to time and wear.

Finally, there’s the matter of stains. When this happens, you want to keep calm. There’s no reason to rush and every reason to take things slowly.

Blot the stained area as soon as you can. Don’t wipe. Don’t use heat to speed up the drying process, because that could cause damage. If the stain looks like it will persist, don’t attempt to remove it yourself. Call for professionals at this website.

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