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Your dog is a part of the family. It’s a furry friend that’s welcome in the home and beloved by the people in it. So it matters a lot to get the best dog beds Perth. We here at Sew Covered can provide the best materials and craftsmanship for the covers. What about the beds themselves, though?

That’s where things get a little hairy. Or furry, as the case may be. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Give us a minute or two and we’ll break down the hallmarks of a good pet bed for your dog.

One thing you’ll want is the use of high-density, hypoallergenic memory foam.

This is comfortable for the animal and is relaxing to lie on. If you can find one that has waterproof inner lining, that’s just gravy. With this, you can have something that’s comfortable for your furry pal.

Memory foam also has the benefit of not needing to be replaced due to wear. Most other foams will flatten over time, especially in the areas where the dog sleeps the most. Little by little, the bounce and fluff just die away.

You probably want to have two layers, two inches each, to provide maximum comfort for your pet. Dense memory foam is also good for the joints since it relieves the stress on them.

Memory foam is also durable. Beds made of it can take a lot of punishment, which is good because your dog might not be too kind to the bed. If you’re in the market for something that can take a lot of abuse, you’re going to want to invest in a memory foam dog bed Perth.

You also want a design that’s simple. Pet beds that blend in with the rest of the home are better than the ones that stand out or clash with the rest of your décor.

However, not all pet beds are the same. One factor that can be an issue is size.

We’ve seen it happen before. Someone has a larger than is typical dog, probably because of the breed. You need a bigger than usual cover for the pet bed. Comfort is still a huge factor, but durability becomes an even bigger concern. The large size means the material needs to take punishment.

It also needs to be easy to clean. Big dogs tend to shed more than their smaller peers, and that has the potential to destroy the bed. We recommend getting a machine-washable cover form us.

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