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Baby Mattress Foam

Babies are precious. They are the joy in every parent’s heart. However, babies are also very fragile. Here at Sew Covered, we understand this. We understand that when you get a bed for your newborn child, you want it to be safe.

After all, there is a good reason to be concerned and to demand the highest standards.

Sew Covered provides the best sleeping surfaces for your new baby. Our baby mattress covers are soft and hypoallergenic. As a bonus, they’re also easy to clean and come in a myriad of colours so you can find the right one.

Baby mattress foam from us comes in two varieties: pre-made and custom-made. Whether you go for one or the other, you will be getting the same soft, safe surface that will assure comfort for your child. The difference is simply one of size.

The pre-made baby mattress foam products are cut and manufactured to fit specific measurements. These are the popular sizes for sleeping units, such as cribs, beds, and strollers.

We suggest browsing through the available sizes to see if what you need is already there.

The custom-made ones require specific measurements. While you could purchase one that isn’t an exact fit, this is not advisable. There are times when the baby might get caught between the mattress and the sleeping unit, creating a safety hazard.

The best solution is to ensure that the mattress is cut specifically to fit into the frame of the furniture. If you take the measurements and enter them into our online system, we can give you a free quote on the cost of creating the right baby mattress foam product for your child.

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