Custom Outdoor Cushions

Entertaining guests in an outdoor space can be a great activity. A BBQ during a reunion or getting a few friends together to enjoy the pool during a hot summer are just examples.

Of course, to make sure guests are comfortable, you need chairs, couches, and other seats.

Outdoor cushions Perth can look great, but they had better be able to withstand the environment. Dampness, moisture, wind and even sunlight can all break upholstery exposed to it. If you don’t pick the right fabrics, you’ll find your outdoor upholstery less than stellar within a short period.

When getting outdoor furniture, environmental factors make fabric choice crucial. With that in mind, here are the fabrics we recommend when getting outdoor cushions Perth.

Olefin fabrics are a suitable choice. They are resistant to sunlight, mildew, and moisture. As a bonus, colour tends to stick to the fabric longer, so they take longer to fade. They also have a degree of stain resistance.

There are also blends of polyester that can handle the outdoors. Polyester also boasts greater fade- and weather-resistant dyes used for it than most fabrics. Sew Covered also has suppliers for a water-repellant treatment for polyester cushion covers.

Finally, there is also the choice of using acrylic fabrics. These are often more expensive but can stand up to 2,000 hours of direct sunlight before the colours begin to fade. That is around seven times longer than the other choices.

However, we at Sew Covered recognise that you might not necessarily want any of these. You might still want to go with a more conventional fabric.

While that is certainly possible, we still advise choosing a fabric best-suited to the outdoors for your outdoor cushion needs. They might be more expensive now, but their durability makes up for it.