Custom Caravan Cushions

A touring caravan can be a fun way to travel, to see the world. However, if you’re not sitting down in comfort, then you’ll probably be too distracted to enjoy what’s outside. If you are looking for caravan cushions Perth that will be comfortable and made to least, Sew Covered has you covered.

First, consider the options available for caravan cushions Perth.

Do you want the upholstery to be permanent? If that’s the route you want to take, fabric selection is of great importance.

The process will also often involve stripping out existing fabric. As standard, we add a layer under the new fabric as an undercover. The new fabric is cut to fit your measurements and specifications. The whole process is done by hand.

Quality inspections are done every step of the way.

Permanent upholstering of caravan cushions Perth uses cotton as the lining. Synthetic fabrics are cheaper, but less likely to last as long.

We also do re-cover of existing cushions. If you like, we can even replace the foam with some high-density material that will last longer.

The second option is for you to get removal custom caravan cushions Perth. These will be limited to just washable seat covers, with ease of cleaning being a priority.

Removable covers are a more economical alternative. They also open up a wider range of fabrics to choose from, chosen for being hard-wearing and tough to stain.

We suggest polyester for this since it doesn’t have the same faults that the more common nylon covers possess. Polyester is also machine washable.

Removable covers are made to your specifications and can fit over existing cushions with ease. We include an elasticated opening that’s out of sight, allowing for ease of removal. You can also choose to add removable buttons.

Whatever your choice, you know Sew Covered delivers the best results at the best prices.