Perth's outdoor cushion specialist

Enquire within for any weird and wonderfull sewing projects. We have you ‘Sew’ Covered!


(08) 6244 4207

Perth's outdoor cushion specialist

Enquire within for any weird and wonderfull sewing projects. We have you ‘Sew’ Covered!


(08) 6244 4207

Perth's outdoor cushion specialist

Enquire within for any weird and

wonderfull sewing projects.

We have you ‘Sew’ Covered!


(08) 6244 4207


If you have furniture that is just too beautiful to replace, yet the foam and cover has had it, we can do a revamp and give life back to loved items.

Custom seating

We can do custom made indoor window seats, outdoor bench cushions, daybeds, bolsters, floor cushions, scatter cushions, caravan seating, boat cushions and much more!

Custom dog beds Perth

If you are reading this now, you are probably one of the many frustrated pet owner, who have found challenge in finding the right dog bed for your 4 legged friend. To learn about how we can help click the link below.

What we can do for you!

Here at Sew Covered we strive to provide our customers with a top quality custom covering service. Although we are a new company we have years of experience behind us in the Perth upholstery scene, with experts in textiles and design, we can be sure you are provided with a suitable product for your needs.

Working alongside Warwick textiles means you won’t be disappointed in fabric textures and colour selection. Warwick indoor and outdoor upholstery fabric is tested to world standards for performance, durability and safety. However, if you have found another beautiful fabric, perfect for the job, we are happy to use as provided. If you need help with how much is needed, let us know and we will do the maths.

We do everything from dog beds to the restoration of old furniture, with our skills covering but not limited to outdoor daybeds, indoor bench seats, window seats, custom size foam covering, reupholstery of chairs, caravan cushions, custom dog beds, bolsters and much much more. If you can see what your after on this list please call us and we will see if it can be done!

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More about what we do

Welcome to Sew Covered! As Perth’s leading upholstery solutions and materials provider, we have you ‘sew’ covered.

Upholstery is an essential part of most homes. Plastic chairs and furniture may get the job done, but there is something classic and enticing about properly-upholstered ones. Cushions on couches, finely-crafted fabrics for the dining room or den, and others.

At Sew Covered, we offer a wide range of services related to upholstery.

We can provide the best seat covers Perth has to offer. Seat covers go through a lot more wear than most people realise. The fabric on them gets worn down over time, causing the fabric to become we and eventually tear. aswell as the foam gets flimsy and thin. At Sew Covered, we can handle either replacing the foam or reupholstering them.

Of course, if you’re not happy with the look of your seat covers Perth, call on us! We can help choose a colour theme to suit your tastes, and replace the fabric with something more to your liking.

Sew Covered provides a custom cushion service. All we need are measurements and your choices of material and design, and we can get to work on providing personalised upholstery for your needs. Never settle for anything less than exactly what you want ever again.

Whether you need custom cushion covers or a custom large cushion, our team is ready for your request.

Our custom cushions Perth provide exceptional quality. We use only the best materials and techniques, and our artisanship meets international standards. They’re guaranteed to be comfortable and built to last.

Sew Covered also provides marine upholstery options!

Upholstery like cabin cushions and boat cushion covers have special needs. Exposure to water and the conditions along rivers or the ocean can do things to cabin upholstery that aren’t a problem for ones in the home.

Fortunately for you, Sew Covered has specialists that can handle marine upholstery. We know the ins and outs of making them, as well as recommending materials that are best-suited for such conditions.

Marine upholstery from us is designed to withstand the two things they need to: dampness and sunlight. These two factors can ruin ordinary upholstery, but our marine boat cushion covers and other offerings are built to take that sort of punishment.

We provide custom cushions for a variety of situations and environments. We also make custom seat pads and custom bench pads.

Much like marine cushioning and upholstery, outdoor cushions and covers need to be designed tough. Dampness, moisture, and sunlight are all factors that can age or ruin upholstery that hasn’t been prepared. If you need outdoor upholstery like seat covers Perth, we are ready to provide!

Do you entertain guests in your yard or outside? The weather in Perth makes this a great idea most of the year. If you’d prefer upholstered seats for your guests, our outdoor cushions Perth are comfortable, look great, and can take a lot of abuse from the environment.

Do you go on the road frequently? If you do, you want to ride in comfort. Sew Covered has a selection of the finest, most comfortable caravan cushions Perth has to offer. Choose your design and dimensions, and have us create a custom one to fit your personal style.

Daybeds are great for people who need to save space during the day. However, you want to make sure that whether you’re sitting on them or sleeping on them, they’re comfortable.

Get the best custom day bed seat cushions from us! We’ll make sure, whether you’re sitting down or sleeping, you’re in comfort.

We also make window seat cushions. Window seats are a classic spot for reading or relaxation. With our cushions, we guarantee you will find comfort like never before.

Sew Covered also knows the best ways and materials for making baby mattress foam. We know that a baby mattress cover has to be made with care, to provide both safety and comfort for the child. We provide or customise covers and mattresses to meet the most exacting of a mother’s standards.

Sew Covered doesn’t limit itself to humans.

We also create custom pet beds, for animal lovers who want to make sure their pets rest and sleep in the lap of luxury. We have a dedicated team for this task. Our specialists know that animal bodies have different needs from their beds and cushions than people do.

Do you have old furniture? If you do, the chances are that the upholstery been worn down over the years. The frame might be fine and beautiful, but it desperately needs new cushioning. Don’t worry about it – Sew Covered also does excellent restoration work.

Our team of experts can take your old furniture and restore the cushions to there original state. In fact, whenever possible, we recommend a restoration over buying a completely new piece. Restoring is an economical way of restoring life to furniture, and leaves you with any sentimental value intact.

When it comes to Sew Covered, you always have a choice.

Regardless of your preference, Sew Covered is here to serve. We guarantee only the finest craftsmanship, the best materials, and the most reasonable prices.

We are competitive upholsterer and guarantee you won’t find anyone that delivers better quality anywhere in Perth.

You might want something custom-made. You might have a seat that needs restoration. You could be looking at something that needs repairs. Whatever your situation, if it’s upholstering, you need to look no further than Sew Covered.