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We Love restorations

Restoration projects happened to be our favourite kind! Seeing deteriorated covering being refurbished gives us joy! Not only is it a sustainable way of reusing rather than replacing, but it also leave you with a piece that has much more sentiment to it. Whether it is Nans old wooden chair that needs some cushions replaces, or an piece you found on the side of the road. We are happy to recover the foam and cushions to what you are looking for.

Indoor/ outdoor seating

If you are after quality foam and fabric for your indoor or outdoor seating look no further, we prefer to use only the best textiles provided by Warwick fabrics, and top quality foams suitable for the job. We have weather protected, water resistant fabrics avaliable that are perfect for any outdoor area. On the opposite end Warwick provide a number of indoor upholstery fabrics also from gorgeous velvets to crisp clean linens. However we understand that sometime your eye can catch a beautiful print or colour, if this is the case for you we are happy to use fabric provide by you for the job. If you need help with the amount of fabric needed, we are happy to let you know via email or over the phone.

Foam Covering

When it comes to custom seating, we got you covered!! You name it we have probably done it and if we haven’t we can surely give it a go. We do almost any dimension, cylinders, rectangles, squares, triangles etc.. If you are after some custom made cushions we can do any size and colour. We also have a special talent for hand detail, if you would like something embroidered or even crochet into a cushion design, we have one talent lady who can bring these types of ideas to life!

Textiles Galore

To view textile please click the orange button below, if you would like any samples we can arrange to bring some to you at your convenience.

We do commercial too

If you are a local cafe, bar, interior designer etc. and you need something custom done, replace or upgraded we can help you! Enquire within and we will do the best we can to help.

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